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19 Déc 2014 | Actualités


BioApply and selected partners launch #ShootPlastic campaign

By Frederic Mauch
December 19th, 2014


Switzerland – Plastic bags, packaging, bottles invade our streets, parks, forests, beaches, ski slopes, oceans, composting facilities, homes and even our bodies. Plastic contamination is everywhere and it is engineered to stay with us for a very very long time.


The industry and stakeholders tell us that there is no real problem, especially in the developed world including Switzerland, North America but also Europe, Australia and Japan.

We believe this is nonsense. Do environmental issues care about borders ?

Don’t we see the plastic littering everyday and everywhere ?


#Shootplastic is a community project focused on two simple actions:

Shoot the disaster and pick it up.


Take a picture of the plastic littering, tag it #ShootPlastic #location and share it on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or any social platform you like. But then, make sure you pick it up and dispose of it where it belongs, in a trash can.


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Because plastic littering can be avoided. Because we need to show the world the problem is everywhere. Because we need to fight the lobbies with facts and with community involvement.



#ShootPlastic is an initiative launched by a Swiss/US based company, BioApply. We are happy to announce the support of our first two partners, Expedition Plastik and MyDropInTheOceans 
.We welcome NGOs, partners or anyone wanting to join the fight against plastic littering.








Frederic Mauch:   Patrick Tran:  Frank Rouiller:


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