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Terms & Conditions

1 – Proof

The client has to validate the Proof before the launch of the production

2 -Pre Payment 40%

A pre-payment of 40% of the total amount of the invoice is required for any production launch. Any pre-payment shall be considered as an offical acceptance of the invoice and will be recognized as debt to the seller of merchandise.

3 – Payment of balance of invoice upon delivery of goods

The total payment of the balance (60% remaining) of the invoiced amount shall be made upon the day of delivery.

4 – Contestation

In case of significant product defect, the customer shall notify a written claim and a sample by recommended post mail within 5 days after delivery of the goods date. BioApply will then evalute the goods

5 – Print on biodegradable material

The client understands that print on biodegradable material is specific. BioApply commits to produce good quality prints. However, for technical reasons, a slight differnce between the proof of design and the final print may occur. Moreover, because of the intensity of the color film and the viscosity of printing ink, the color shades may vary from 10 to 15% compared to the color chart or with the pantone number

6- Warranties

BioApply undertakes to supply the product, with matching characteristics, as indicated in the confirmation order. However, the following are considered as normal deviations that are insignificant on the finished products and therefore tolerated on any run:

+/- 10% thickness of the material

+/- 5% dimensions

7- Smell

BioApply’s compostables and biodegradables bags have a distinct smell due to the use of plant raw materials. In most cases, this smell will fade away, however, we do not guarantee that our bags to be odor-free. Unless based on a specific request, BiApply reserves the right to choose the most suitable materials for its production.

8- Product shelve life and storage for biodegradable and compostable bags

Storage requires the following conditions : Controled humidity and temperature, tempered, within 5-35 degreed celcius. Please keep away from heat and avoid exposure to sun light. Shelve life of our compostable products is 18 months.

9 – Life time and storage

Storage bags must be made in a dry place at room temperature and if these conditions are not respected the bag may lose its strength. The average lifespan of a bag is two years.

10 – Visibility of certifications and labels

OK/HOME COMPOST logo and BioApply label must appear in the gussets of the bag. If the bag does not have any gussets the OK/HOME COMPOST logo and BioApply label must appear on the sides of the bag.

11 – Payment delay

In case of delay in paying a bill BioApply may send a first reminder per email after 5 days following delivery a second reminder will be sent 10 days after delivery with 45 EUR admistrative costs. A third and final reminder will be send 30 days after delivery with 45 EUR administrative costs and an increase of 3% of the total bill.

12 – Production volume

All productions of bags (in exess of 10,000 units) can result in a slight variation in the final volume produced. The customer accepts such margin of variation of +/- 10% and shall recieve a readjusted final bill.