Innovative and sustainable solutions that fit your industry


Plastic bags have been a scourge for the environment for over 50 years. BioApply’s compostable solutions ensure the expected functionality of a bag while being biosourced and recoverable in home or industrial composting.

The compostable bag not only allows you to do your shopping, but also to sort your organic waste in a simple, practical and hygienic way. The raw material and production of your bags are 100% European, the respect-code allows you and your customers to have transparency and complete traceability.

Did you know?
Information gathered from our largest customers indicates that one compostable bag would, on average, avoid the circulation of 4 plastic bags. By 1 January 2022, with the help of all our customers, the proliferation of 1 billion plastic bags will have been avoided.


With the WOODEN range, BioApply offers sustainable and ecologically more interesting solutions than anything that exists today. A range made of 100% European wood fibre and PEFSC/FSC certified. Bulk bags, shopping nets, TreeTote, so many everyday products where wood fibre allows for functions at least identical to cotton, with a greatly reduced environmental impact. BioApply also offers solutions for the French market. Wood fibre tubular nets used by many supermarket chains or producers to wrap fruits and vegetables. This solution is 100% biodegradable and compostable.

Did you know?
The advantages of this range compared to organic cotton are multiple:

Water consumption divided by 2 during production
European raw material and processing
Drastically reduced CO2 emissions
Preservation of arable land
Zero carbon fibre with closed loop production


Made from 100% natural materials, BioPaper solutions provide an additional service to your consumers. The BioPaper range is plastic-free, 100% recyclable and compostable. BioApply uses natural vegetable oil treatments to provide a barrier against moisture and grease.

Did you know?
Many co-extruded papers use plastic film sizing or chemical treatments. At BioApply we guarantee a 100% plant-based solution.


Logistics solutions allow you to complete your transition to packaging. In addition to bags, products such as labels, pouches and IFCO film can now be compostable and bio-based.

Did you know?
We can sometimes forget that on bags, even compostable ones, or on fruit, there are plastic labels which negatively affect the end of life of the product as a whole. BioApply also offers 100% compostable labels, thus providing an ecological solution in its entirety.

Cold chain management

The IFOODBAG system is the ecological solution for your “last mile” cold chain. Your refrigerated truck becomes obsolete, the passive cold preservation provided by IFOODBAG & ALVOBOX solutions replace it at lower cost. A bag made of 100% cellulose and fully recyclable and a reusable box made of 100% recyclable polymer. The perfect combo to improve CO2 balance, storage performance and convenience. 

Did you know?
The IFOODBAG system meets the thermal requirements of food for at least 8 hours at temperatures up to 35ºC – all in an environmentally friendly way.

Organic waste

Organic waste is a great source of recovery. The BioWaste solutions allow you to optimise the sorting process, and then its valorisation in compost. There is no need to empty the waste from their bags, the unit is suitable for industrial and home composting. Organic sorting is simple, convenient and hygienic.

BioWaste solutions help to generate humus, which enriches the soil. Thanks to biomethanisation, they can also be used to produce more energy and heat.

Did you know?
In a typical household, organic waste accounts for more than 30% of all waste.