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  • Dimensions: According to your request
  • Printing possible: Up to 8 colours (inks without heavy metals) – Max. 30% printing area per side (according to the requirements of Biomass Switzerland and OK Compost) + lattices
  • Thickness: 20-50 microns
  • Resistance: Depending on thickness
  • Flap: with or without flap + adhesive tape on request
  • Minimum quantity: 10.000-50.000 pieces
  • Packaging: bulk cardboard / quantity to be defined
  • Guaranteed shelf life: 18 months
  • Delivery time: 6 weeks after
  • Certifications: TÜV OK Compost, TÜV OK HOME Compost, in accordance with EN13432
  • Traceability via Respect Code: traceability and transparency of the production chain ensured via a Respect Code affixed to the product (QR Code).

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  • Made in Europe from European raw materials
  • Meets the requirements of BioMasse Switzerland (Swiss Compost Association) and is suitable for Swiss and European composting plants)

The BioPolybag meets multiple needs! Without a flap, it is an ideal pocket for light shopping. It can also be the solution to protect your products during the transfer to the point of sale or to avoid scratches in case of direct contact with the primary packaging, up to customer delivery.

As a second use, the BioPolybag makes it possible to conveniently collect organic waste, with or without a BioBox. Users thus contribute to the production of compost and renewable energy.

Life cycle assessment (LCA), from raw material to end-of-life management, demonstrates this: Compostable bags have a significantly improved environmental performance compared to PE bags (25% pure or recycled) or paper bags. Source: LCA European Bioplastics, u.a. approved by ETH & Öko-Institut.

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