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Compost Kit

1 Petite Poubelle Verte + 6 Ecocompobag 7L Rolls

  • Format: Ecocompobag 7L suitable for the compost container Petite Poubelle Verte 7L
  • Thickness of Ecocompobag: 20 my
  • Load capacity of Eco compobag: 5 kg
  • Carton packaging of Eco compobag: 10 units per roll
  • Minimum order quantity: 1 kit
  • Guaranteed storage time of Ecocompobag: 18 months
  • Delivery time: 48 hours
  • Quantity: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5


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The Compost Kit is composed of a Petite Poubelle Verte 7L and 6 rolls of Ecocompobag 7L. The new aired BioBox allows better air circulation and prevents premature fermentation and unpleasant odors. Ecocompobag, compostable bags in roll, for a clean and sustainable sorting of organic/kitchen waste.

  • Made of 100% recycled plastic
  • Production in Europe from European raw materials
  • Compostable waste bags are ideal for BioApply Petite Poubelle
  • Recycling of organic waste is more environmentally friendly than their combustion and produces humus and renewable energy
  • Certified TÜV OK Compost, TÜV OK HOME Compost, Respect-Code

With a higher vegetable content at a competitive price. Ecocompobag can be disposed in the compost with organic waste and are suited to both private and industrial composting facilities. Adapted to the Petite Poubelle Verte and other compost bins (standard size), which are also available through supermarket chains. Recycling of organic waste is more sustainable than their combustion and produces humus and renewable energy.

The life cycle analysis (LCA) from raw material to end of life management demonstrates: compostable bags have a significantly improved environmental performance than PE bags (pure or 25% recycled) or paper bags. Source: LCA European Bioplastics, u.a. approved by ETH & Öko-Institut

• Certified TÜV OK Compost (industrial) and TÜV OK HOME Compost (garden compost) in conformity with the European norm EN 13432
• Made in Europe
• The printed crossings are in conformity with Biomasse Suisse (Schweizer Kompostverbandes) requirements. The bag is adapted for swiss and European composting facilities.
• Traceability with Respect-Code

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