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BioPaper Bag


  • Dimensions: According to your request
  • Impressions: Up to 8 colours (inks without heavy metals) – Max. 30% printing area per side (according to the requirements of Biomass Switzerland and OK Compost)
  • Paper color: 4 to choose from
  • Thickness: 35-38 gr/m².
  • Options :
    • Vegetable oil treatment: natural barrier against grease and humidity
    • Transparent window (made of compostable material)
  • Minimum quantity: 30,000 pieces
  • Packaging: bulk cardboard / quantity to be defined
  • Guaranteed shelf life: 24 months
  • Delivery time: 7 weeks after
  • Certifications : PEFC, TÜV OK HOME Compost
  • Traceability: traceability and transparency of the production chain ensured through a code on the product (QR Code).

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  • Made in Europe from European raw materials
  • Keeps food up to 3 days fresher (fruits and vegetables, bread, ..)

The BioPaper pouch, a new BioApply packaging solution by Compy, is ideal for the food service industry. Made of 100% natural materials, the BioPaper pouch is an additional service for your consumers: thanks to its natural treatment with vegetable oil, it provides a barrier against moisture and fat. With no plastic (even with a window), it is also 100% recyclable and even compostable.

In contrast to standard fossil-based coatings such as paraffin, BioPaper opts for a durable and organic treatment based on vegetable oil. In addition, the raw materials – paper (with PEFC label for sustainable forest management), glue and water-based inks – guarantee a finished product that can be fully recycled and composted at home. (TÜV HOME COMPOST certification)

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