Compostable air cushion

Cushioning system

Ensure the safety and reliability of your product shipping boxes economically and ecologically.

  • Cushion dimensions: 210x100mmx500m
  • Color: white
  • Pre-perforation: detachable cushions according to the desired dimension
  • Thickness: 20 microns
  • Minimum quantity: 9 rolls
  • Option: sold with or without inflation machine
  • Packaging: carton
  • Guaranteed shelf life: 18 months
  • Delivery time: 6 weeks after confirmation.
  • Certifications: TÜV OK HOME Compost, in accordance with EN13432, GMO-free

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  • Manufacturing in Europe from European raw materials
  • Technical data of the device:
    • Operates with room air
    • Dimensions: L x W x H = 430 x 190 x 195 mm
    • Weight: approx. 2.5 kg
    • Power supply: 240 V; 60 Hz
    • Speed: 3.5 m/min

BioBubble, the most ecological cushioning for your parcels! This eco-friendly air cushion system adapts itself entirely to your needs, the machine allowing you to inflate the cushions in a few minutes. Thanks to this compact and light device, your cushioning systems become ecological but also save you a lot of space. The dunnage cushions are 100% compostable, and make it possible to strongly limit the use of single-use plastic that ends up in nature or in incineration.

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