BioApply was founded in 2006 and quickly became involved in the fight against single-use plastic. Thanks to our close relationship with our partners, we quickly became the Swiss specialist in compostable and biodegradable solutions, replacing in particular single-use plastic.

BioApply solutions are compostable and allow to set up a virtuous circle from the point of sale to the home compost or industrial compost bin. They allow shopping, then to be used for a simple, efficient and hygienic organic waste sorting, to finally contribute to a higher quality biomass input for compost or for biomethanization.
Since 2013, BioApply has also been offering specific solutions for organic waste sorting, at the communal, regional, but also at home level.
BioApply launches in 2016 the BioPaper range, the first range of treated paper products with all the sustainable characteristics and certifications to fit the composting and recycling channels. A unique technology that is ideal for all food businesses.
In 2019 and 2020, BioApply continues to expand its range to meet the growing needs of the market. Thus, a logistic range and a qualitative bag made of kraft paper and recycled herbs are expanding the family of BioApply solutions.
To bring its experience to any new sustainable project, BioApply is also launching its “BioApply Service” in 2020. Invested in biobased innovations and enhanced end-of-life product models since our creation, we leverage our 15 years of experiences to accompany all our customers in the development and implementation of tomorrow’s sustainable solutions.


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