Our mission

We develop and implement vegetable based compostable solutions
fitting both retail and waste management processes.
We implement sustainable and efficient alternatives enabling
our customers to eliminate plastic from their businesses.
Our customers contribute to a better organic waste management.

Our vision
Frédéric Mauch, CEO
BioApply is launched in 2006 in a market where single use mass consumer products made from none renewable sources is growing dramatically. Our objective is to make people aware of the devastating consequences of those products while proposing biodegradable alternatives.

In 2009, we understand that the true power of our solutions goes beyond their biodegradability. BioApply solutions are compostable and thus enable a virtuous circle starting at the shopping location until the composting facility.

Our bags enable you to shop, then they can be used to easily and efficiently sort organic waste. Finally, they contribute to higher volume and better quality compost and energy.

Since 2013, we have added organic waste management solutions to our product portfolio. Those are well suited for sorting at all levels : home, district, city, region. Together with our products, we provide full support to deploy your projects successfully. We believe that shifting to compostable solutions works best when supported with a communication campaign and a planned deployment.

We keep focused on innovation. In 2016, BioApply launches the BioPaper product range. This is the first paper based line benefiting from all sustainable characteristics and fully certified to fit composting requirements.

BioApply is also involved in developing third generation biopolymers. We are the main partner of HEIG-VD in the AlgonFilm Project. The objective is to produce a biomass from waste, suitable for bioplastics.

BioApply Team

Frédéric Mauch
Founder & CEO
Olivia Mauch
Co-founder & Design
Laurent Nardini
Sourcing & Logistics Director
Karl-Heinz Bayer
Sales, German-speaking Switzerland
Stefan Feltgen
Commercial Director
Claudine Bettoli
Laurye Hienne
Marketing & Sales Manager


BioApply has over 12 years experience in developing and implementing compostable solutions. We have supported high profile projects, including for Canton Geneva or
for the City of Bern. Our know how is your best guarantee to achieve a successful deployment.

  • Advisor and supplier specialized in compostable
    and biobased products
  • Design and communication services
  • Support for your e marketing, media and
    social media campaigns
  • On site staff training
  • Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) of your product or process

Patented biomaterial

BioApply uses a patented raw material and works with the most sustainable biopolymer grades. The aim is to opt for natural resources, an optimal end of life in bioassimilation, insuring qualitative and resistant products.

Customized solutions

Considering a specific sustainable packaging project ? Contact us. Our team is looking forward to hear from you.


We continuously develop innovative yet pragmatic sustainable solutions
Activisim is also in our DNA. We engage in activities aiming at fighting plastic & microplastic pollution.
BioApply is a proud member of


Co-founder of STOPPP, BioApply is involved in social, research and economical activites to fight plastic pollution in Switzerland.

Biomasse Suisse

As a member of Biomasse Suisse, BioApply helps improving organic waste management and biodegradable materials optimization.


BioApply launched #Shootplastic in order to make people aware of plastic & microplastic pollution.
Plogging and on site cleaning operations are part of our regular activities..
2006 : Trophy eco-conscience, Lausanne
2007 : Bourse Cantonale du Développement Durable, Geneva
2007 : Prix start-up Y Parc, Yverdon
2008 : IMD start-up Program winner, Lausanne
2010 : Swiss Venture Leaders
2011 : US Selection Swissnex, San Francisco
2016 – 2017 : European Business Awards, National Champion
2017 : Champion de la Croissance “Le Temps & Handelszeitung”

They trust us