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An ecological paper bag with grass

Compostable mailing pouch

Your partner specialized in sustainable alternatives to plastic

Since 2006, BioApply offers biodegradable and compostable bags and packaging solutions for businesses as well as for the optimization of organic waste management.


Our missions

We develop and implement vegetable based compostable solutions
fitting both retail and waste management processes.
We implement sustainable and efficient alternatives enabling
our customers to eliminate plastic from their businesses.
Our customers contribute to a better organic waste management.



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BioApply guarantees its product line
Vegetable Origin
Guaranteed 18 months
Certificates & quality control


BioApply compostable solutions

All BioApply compostable products are certified OK Compost (industrial compost) and/or OK Home Compost (private home compost)..

BioApply biodegradable solutions

Up to 100% vegetable origin, BioApply biodegradable products are certified OK Biobased and are 100% biodegradable.

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