BioApply begins to develop very promising opportunities in the field of biodegradable plastic bags.

The support of Swiss partners eases the entry to a new market.

North America is a market with very promising opportunities. We are now going to take full advantage of them
by establishing a subsidiary in San Diego, California.
BioApply is the Swiss market leader in the field of biodegradable plastic bags. The
company was set up in Gland, Switzerland, in 2006 with the aim of taking to market a
biodegradable alternative to traditional plastic packaging, using an organic plant-based
solution. Over recent years collaboration with EMPA, a leading Swiss research institute
which specializes in materials science and technology, has led to the development of
an innovative process which takes the base material in granular form and opens up the
potential for its use in injection-molding applications. This innovation, along with the ca
pability to provide advice and consultancy on the implementation of this type of project,
has added to BioApply’s portfolio and creates attractive new markets and opportunities
for the business.
The following stages of BioApply’s development show just how much patience and
expertise are required to secure entry to a new market: BioApply first looked at the US
market in late 2009 and since then has been using the network of contacts available via
the swisscleantech sector association to assemble a catalogue of useful information.
Around the middle of 2010, BioApply was identified and supported as an “early har
vest” project by Cleantech Switzerland. As a beneficiary of assistance from the Swiss
Commission for Technology and Innovation, in the summer of 2011 BioApply was also
able to tap into an opportunity offered by swissnex in San Francisco: Frederic Mauch
was offered a free office facility in San Francisco for 3 months and swissnex helped by
brokering invaluable contacts with potential business partners in the Bay Area. Now,
thanks to its new location in North America, BioApply can begin to actively develop the
very promising opportunities with partners there.
The BioApply example shows how the interplay and support of a number of Swiss
partners enabled the company to set up a subsidiary in North America and eased the
process of securing entry to a new market.
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